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Male Baldness Hair Transplant Surgery and Juveker

Hair Building Fibers for Hair Transplant Surgery

Are you planning or undergoing hair transplant surgery for male baldness? Are you between grafts and feeling self-conscious about your hair’s appearance? Or maybe you just need help for thinning hair? If so, your hair and your confidence could benefit from all-new Juveker Hair Building Fibers.

Cosmetic Hair Thickener after Hair Transplant

Juveker is an instant cosmetic hair thickener that can make hair look thicker, fuller, and totally natural, so you can hide male baldness as you wait for your transplants to take effect.

Juveker is made up of millions of tiny statically charged keratin fibers that cling to your scalp and existing hair. They instantly adhere to each hair strand, filling it out and covering thinning areas. Because Juveker is made of keratin (the same protein as hair), they blend in and look like a part of your actual hair. Plus, Juveker comes in eight different colors, and you can combine them to match your exact hair color.

Conceals Male Baldness and Hair Transplants

Juveker hair loss concealer is easy to apply; once you get used to using it, you’ll be able to apply it in less than a minute to thicken fine hair. Simply sprinkle the product onto your problem areas, pat your hair to distribute the fibers, and apply your favorite hair spray for an all-day hold. By gradually increasing the amount of Juveker you use, you can emulate the appearance of hair growth as you wait for your hair grafts to grow—or, just apply it liberally for the look of a full head of hair. Juveker effectively conceals visible hair loss and hair transplants in both men and women

Recommended by Hair Transplant Surgeons

Hair building fibers like Juveker are frequently recommended by hair transplant surgeons as a way to hide grafts during the transplant process; inform your transplant surgeon when you plan to start using it. And unlike other hair fiber products, Juveker is much more reasonably-priced, making it a great choice following an expensive hair transplant surgery. It even comes with a money-back guarantee, so you can return it easily if you’re not satisfied. But best of all, Juveker can give you back your confidence during your hair transplant, and help your permanent hair growth seem much more natural to those around you. See the results for yourself—buy Juveker today.

Hair Building Fibers for Hair Transplant Surgery

 Hair Building Fibers for Hair Transplant Surgery.   

Disclaimer: Juveker is not intended to treat, prevent, cure, relieve, resolve, stop or reduce hair loss or promote the growth of hair.


Juveker Hair Building Fibers

Juveker Hair Building Fibers

* Conceals Baldness
* Covers Thinning Hair
* 28 grams For $21.95
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